EPISODE FOUR is Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere………….!

Episode Four of The Dirty Laundry Show further cements this podcast’s growing reputation as “absurdist audio vaudeville” and a “loveable audio train wreck.” Irreverent hosts James Kasper and Rob Smooth welcome musical guests Man Made Lake and Jay Woti of Warriors of the Infinite, and everyone’s favourite curmudgeon Grumpy Grandpa Garth stops by with his own special brand of humour. Episode Four of this “variety show of all things superfantastic” promises to be…memorable.

Play the video below to listen to EPISODEĀ FOUR!

Rare behind-thescenes video from EPISODE TWO:

The Dirty Laundry Show is a “variety radio show of all things superfantastic” which debuted on the radio waves in 2004 on the University of Victoria’s community station 101.9FM CFUV. The show was then hosted by James Kasper, Rob Smooth, and Laura “Coco” Smith, and its envelope-pushing caused many nervous breakdowns for CFUV Management. Coco is now busy with her band “roCOCOde” (coincidence?), but Kasper & Smooth are now carrying on the Dirty Laundry tradition six years later with the podcast incarnation of this “loveable audio train wreck” (the show may repulse you, but you just want to find out what’s going to happen next!). In all seriousness (whatever that means), the Dirty Laundry crew (which includes engineer/magician Eric Hogg of Soma Sound) is proud to support local, touring indie musicians & artists through in-depth (though often zany) interviews. Quite often the interviews are rudely hijacked by regular (irregular?) characters such as Grumpy Grandpa Garth and Mabel Middleton. All in all, you really should not listen to The Dirty Laundry Show. Or do listen to it. Life is all about choices.

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