We are always happy to hear from our listeners, no matter what they have to say!

Here’s the feedback from our first show:

“Awesome! Great band too. I look forward to hearing more from The Dirty Laundry Show!”

–          Dwayne Animikwan, MBC Radio, Saskatchewan.

“Love this show – it is so unique and entertaining and I highly recommend it. I am one of those original listeners from the very first show years ago.”

– “Vancouver Lady”

“Man Made Lake is a pretty sweet band. Except of course for their treatment of poor Mabel. Her success at getting her rocks off at 106 should be applauded, not derided!”

– Sarah, Writer, Vancouver.

“It was awesome! I was totally glued to it. I was crackin up bigtime! The grumpy old man and Mabel were awesome but liked how you had it all mixed in the way of tunes and talk and the characters…when is it on next??”

– Leigh, Nurse, Vancouver Island.

“I listened to the first show. It was pretty good. It wasn’t great.”

– Rob Smooth, Co-host of The Dirty Laundry Show (who did not appear in the first show).

“Awesome… Great time doing that show!!”

– Nate Bailey, Man Made Lake.

“Quite the show. Love the music. I love hearing the word ‘crotchety’ too.”

–         Catherine, Vancouver Island author.

“Everyone should listen to this…. It’s pretty great.”

–         Steve Parker, Man Made Lake.

“It’s like I don’t even know you anymore.”

–         Doug, Shoe Store Manager, Vancouver Island.

“Really enjoyed it.”

– Colin Craveiro, Man Made Lake.

“Great show, and Man Made Lake has a new fan!”

– Erin, Dental guru, Vancouver Island.

“Very entertaining :)”

– John Flatman, Man Made Lake.


2 thoughts on “Wutchoogottasay?

  1. Gotta stay in shape now,
    I want to join Mables over 100 mile high club.
    The podcast is great!

    • Rob SmOOth

      Mable can only go a few feet high because she get dizzy, but, it’s totally worth buying a step ladder Kyle!!! 🙂

      Rob SmOOth

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