who to blame

These people are to blame for The Dirty Laundry Show:

JAMES KASPER, Host & Producer.  ERIC HOGG (Soma Sound), Engineer & Producer. ROB SMOOTH, Co-Host.

This may or may not be Rob Smooth as a small boy. The one thing we can say for certain is that this, in fact, IS a small boy.

This is Eric Hogg's only school photo in existence. Many questions still surround this photo, such as How did that happen?? Who is that? and Are you sure you don't want a re-take?

This is not James Kasper, but this does resemble one of the special guests sometimes heard on The Dirty Laundry Show. The real James Kasper is much, much older, with a far scruffier and longer beard. His hat, however, is the same hat.

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